Born in Northern Ireland, raised beside the slave castles in Ghana and working all her adult life in the diversity of Toronto Canada, Eimear O'Neill cares about collective healing from the traumatic effects of structures of dominance that include colonisation, white bodied  supremacy and global hoarding of resources. She integrates indigenous ways of knowing, and artful research beyond dominant languages, with trauma-informed ways of seeing and healing historical wounds. Her doctoral research (in the form of a community arts installation of women's self transformative journeys), was on exhibit in the Peace Lounge at the University of Toronto for eight years. Unique in its landscape page format and contemporary illuminated manuscript form, the Holding Flames dissertation  based on those transformative journeys, is freely available for download (Research Publications page).

Since 2004, Eimear has been creative director of the Spirit Matters gatherings and co-director of the Transformative Learning Centre. Teaching integral transformative learning, community healing and peace building along with her current practice, Eimear uses a community and collective healing lens in her work. Hosting gatherings connecting indigenous peoples and those re-rooting in their own ancestral past, is core to that healing. Such gatherings wether virtual or in person, help to transform participants’ consciousness around climate change, racism and other engendered historic wounds. Working with other experienced facilitators, she researches systemic constellations, Hedge Schools and other transformative practices in collective healing. Her activist, therapeutic, educational, scholarly, communal and artful work, comes from an Irish indigenous perspective.


CURRENT FOCUS.. Healing Historic Trauma in Community

Such work is now crucial as we deal with the Covid-19 pandemic as a planetary community. Virtual communities of consciousness and action are arising... a wave of awareness of our interconnections, inequities and creative capacities...

In depth information on healing collective trauma and dealing with the collective traumas of climate change, colonisation, land loss, racism,

extractive and disaster capitalism, and pandemics, can be found on You Tube https://youtu.be/zuib20xnQVQ

Next Transformative Journey will be Ireland in 2022 if possible...

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Gatherings information is available through the Events page. Recent articles and chapters iare available on the Publications page. Her current book and research project, Close to the Tree; Healing Ireland’s Ancestral Wounds can be found on the Research page. Foundations of Integral Transformative Learning are on the Transformative Learning Centre page. Spirit Matters Community page connects to FaceBook for gatherings and events that foster community.

The triple spiral shown here is carved with flint into the stone entrance passage of the Newgrange megalithic mound in the Valley of the Boyne near Dublin. Older than the pyramids or Stonehenge, it is still lit by the winter solstice sun each year as its light moves gently down the passageway leading to the central area where ancestral bones were held. Five thousand years ago the indigenous people of Ireland held their communal knowledge and sense of what is sacred. seasonal and flowing with life, in their carvings and their structures oriented to engage with the sun.The triple spiral is a deep form, holding the dynamics of our spiral galaxy, of our DNA and of the unfolding of seeds. Currently it is heuristic for humanity’s evolving consciousness. Healing our collective trauma is core to that evolution.

                                                                                 (image by Jeremy Bennison )