With 40 years psychotherapy experience, 30 years as a community educator in intergenerational trauma, and more than 20 years university level teaching in transformative processes, arts based research, and community peace building, Eimear works out of a participatory worldview that centralizes deep democracy in relationships... amongst all our relations, including the more-than-human world. She integrates indigenous knowledges from many peoples, including her own ancient Irish family, with transformative education.

CURRENT FOCUS.. Healing Historic Trauma in Community


Eimear in conversation with Sarah Peyton, neurobiologist and healer of trauma in brain and social systems through constellations, and Bruce Nayowith, physician, social alchemist and magician in constellations work. All three now work in large systems healing. This informal chat amongst friends reveals core insights in this emergent work...

Eimear on Intergenerational Resilience:

Healing Ireland’s Ancestral Wounds after 11/9

With the rise of American fascism and the large number of Irish diaspora involved, it is time to heal what seems like re-enactment of (a) racism by ‘divine’ right, (b) takeover of indigenous lands, (c) wrecking of habitat for resource extraction, (d) control of  women’s bodies, and (e) exploitation of workers for profit elsewhere. This was suffered by the Irish under colonisation and then exported to other countries. Seeing those wounds played out in contemporary life, we can stop them being passed on to our children and grandchildren. The role of the white privilege the Irish have gained, is its use in creative resistence to normalising violence, domination and destruction of our Earth home.                                                   

Events through the Transformative Learning Community, Sisters of the  H/Earth and Toronto Constellations are available through the Events page. Articles and chapters in recent books, including The Place of Creation, are available on the Publications page. Her current book and research project, Close to the Tree; Healing Ireland’s Ancestral Wounds can also be found there. Links to her personal blog as well as her ongoing web blog on more academic subjects, are available on the Blog page. Her research, including Holding Flames, is available on the Research page. Photos and art from Spirit Matters  gatherings and the Rekindling Indigenous Spirit journey in Ireland are available on the Photos and Art page.

The triple spiral image shown here is carved with flint into the stone entrance passage of the Newgrange megalithic mound in the Valley of the Boyne near Dublin. It is a deep form, holding the dynamics of our spiral galaxy, DNA and the unfolding of seeds. Older than the pyramids or Stonehenge, it is still lit by the winter solstice sun each year as it moves gently down the passageway leading to the central area where ancestral bones were held and honoured. The indigenous people of Ireland five thousand years ago held their communal knowledge and sense of what is sacred. what is seasonal and flowing, including the stars, in their carvings and structures oriented to engage with solstice sunrises.

(image by Jeremy Bennison )